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Dog  Places
Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds

Dog Owners of the Granite State, protecting pet owners from anti-pet legislation

CB Sled builder of the best dogsleds in the world!  

The American Kennel Club all about purebred dogs

United Kennel Club

The Koehler Method of Dog Training

The Cherry Mountain Kennel CafePress Store Get good stuff here!

Eric Lundquist's  DogStar Training Systems. 

Eric is also responsible for  BlogOnDog

Lionheart K9,  a dog trainer located in Carroll County, Maryland

FORTUNATE K9  serving New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts,  is devoted to helping dogs and their owners find success through a combination of time-tested methods and individualized programs.
Dog Trainer in Muskegon County Michigan
Balanced Canine Training offers in-home canine behavior consultations and private dog obedience training for dogs and owners in West Michigan. We also offer other services to educate the public in canine selection, care, training, safety, and more.
Dog Trainer in Boise Idaho
Paula McCollum is a professional dog trainer and experienced search and rescue dog handler. Her understanding of dog behavior and her ability to use a variety of different training techniques, provides a superior approach to behavior modification and advanced obedience. Paula’s ability to recognize and explain issues between dogs and handlers combined with her positive style of teaching makes successful dog training the norm. She takes pride in being formally educated in training and spending hundreds of hours each year continuing her education as a professional trainer.
Dog Trainer in Laurel Maryland
Having supervised the training of over 100,000 dogs and their owners in group class settings and over 5,000 owners and their dogs in a private setting since 1975,Margot Woods really believes that most problem dogs are simply bright dogs with no job. Good dogs are the ones who are trained and given jobs. Just remember - you may never be successful in teaching them to do windows, but with direction and recognition for the jobs they do, they will be loving and loyal companions.

Dog Trainer in Lincoln Nebraska
Prairie Skies offers innovative and learning-based approaches for raising and training dogs and puppies, providing effective discipline, and creating healthier, happier families. Prairie Skies fosters an active and interactive team process between the owners, dog, and trainer. This educational process includes identifying the issues to be addressed, learning and practicing new skills, applying practical techniques and strategies, and utilizing common sense, hands-on approaches.
Dog Training located in Ontario Canada
The relationship between "you" and your dog is unique. We focus on both the dog and you-the owner, and your desire to come together in a meaningful way. We meet the needs of both if this is to happen. This is reflected in our philosophy and through the method of working together with a mixture of training exercises. Rather than focus only on the dog, we help you see the role you play when problems develop.
Dog Trainer in Hillsborough New Jersey
Located in Hillsborough, NJ. Serving the Central New Jersey area in Somerset and Hunterdon counties and parts of Middlesex and Mercer counties
Dog Trainer Serving Northern NJ and the lower Hudson Valley
Dogs are happiest when they have clear rules and direction. They need fair and predictable leaders. They want to know when they succeed. They have the capacity to understand when they've failed and how to reclaim success. They need you to provide that information in a way a dog understands.
San Jose California Area/Dog Training and Problem Dog Rehabilitation
San Jose California Area Dog Training and Dog Problem Behavior Rehab
The K9 Guy - dog behavior + dog obedience.
The K9 Guy, LLC - canine behavior counseling + basic to advanced obedience training throughout Central Ohio.

Kuranda Dog Beds
We use and recommend Kuranda Dog Beds
VisitKuranda's web site

Farm Places
The blue goat Fiasco Farm has lots of great info about goats and cheesemaking.

Local Places
Want to FLY to Whitefield?

How's the weather in Whitefield?

Why we drive so slowly at night: All about MOOSE

Some of our friends stay at the Mount Washington Hotel  

Or Whitefield's own Mountain View Grand Hotel

Others stay at The Balsams

Go up the mountain on the Cog Railway

See today's view from the summit of Mt. Washington

People's Home Places
There's no place like home... here's where I grew up: Sky Valley

Other Places

National Animal Interest Alliance redribbon Red Ribbon Campaign

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